Web Sites & Custom Software

Contact me to discuss development of your web site or custom software idea.

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Web Sites

A web site is your address on the world wide web.

A professional web site gives your business credibility. It is an online brochure and business card working for you 24 hours every day. Your customers expect you to have a web site and they may make judgments of your company based on the web site quality.

Do you need a new web site? Is your current web site up to your standards? Are you using a gmail, yahoo, or other type of free email address for your business? You could benefit from an email address connected to your company, like yourName@yourBusiness.com. Contact me to discuss creating or improving your web site.

Custom Software

Ideally, you'll find an off-the-shelf product to solve your needs. Sometimes, you could benefit from a custom software solution developed to fit your needs exactly.

Maybe you have a great idea for a software solution in your area of expertise, but you need an experienced software developer to develop the program without having the overhead costs of a large software development company.

I have a broad range of experience in commercial, industrial, and military custom software development.

Need to manage, collect, or process your data remotely?

Many businesses, laboratories, and other organizations rely on data maintained in a database. I can develop custom software applications that allow you to manage and interact with your data remotely.

Need an experienced software developer just for a specific project?

You may not want to hire an experienced software engineer as a full time staff member for a single software development project. Call me. I am always looking for opportunities to team with companies for custom software development on a project basis.