Attractions & Activities in and around Scottsmoor, Florida

Launch a Boat

Launch a boat at the Scottsmoor Boat Landing, located at 2400 Huntington Avenue, Scottsmoor, Florida.
The one-lane boat ramp is open 24 hours a day and accomodates boats up to 18'.

Located in the northernmost part of the county, this 3.05-acre community river park accesses the Indian River Lagoon. Facilities include picnic tables, benches, a boat ramp, port-o-lets, fishing along the shoreline and parking for 19 cars and 15 boats.

Scottsmoor Boat Landing

FROM US Hwy 1 at Garden Street (SR-406), go 11.3 miles north on US Hwy 1, turn right on Huntington Avenue and go 1.9 miles.

Watch Wildlife

Watch wildlife in Scottsmoor Florida.
There is a wide variety of wildlife to observe in the Scottsmoor area to include Dolphin and these birds listed in the State of Florida Great Florida Birding Trail :
  • Migratory Ducks
  • Shorebirds
  • Waders
  • Northern Harriers
  • Rails
  • Painted Buntings

Visit Parrish Park

Parrish Park Parrish Park is open after 7:00 a.m. until dark, except for scheduled use.
The park is located 4055 Magoon Avenue, Scottsmoor, Florida. From US Hwy 1 at Garden Street, go 11.8 miles north on US Hwy 1, turn left on Magoon Avenue and go 0.2 miles.
Parrish Park in Scottsmoor Florida
Parrish Park

Visit Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

Drive a few miles north on U.S. 1 and enter the Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge from SR3 (Kennedy Parkway) From there, go to manatee viewing station, boat launch ramp, wildlife center or Playa Linda Beach.
Shuttle on launchpad as seen from Merritt Island Refuge.
Parrish Park

Visit the Space Walk of Fame Museum

Check out the Space Walk of Fame museum in Titusville, Florida. It"s free and only a few miles south of Titusville.
The U.S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of the U. S. Space Program through its Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and future Shuttle monuments in Space View Park and the free Space Walk of Fame Museum. The monuments and museum honor the men and women who made the space program possible and the astronauts who flew the missions.

NASA / Kennedy Space Center

Space Shuttle Orbiter Atlantis was moved to her new building on November 2nd, 2012. She was put on display in her brand new, $100 million dollar building on June 29th of 2013. The next generation of space vehicules are being assembled and devoloped now. The Orion Crew Capsule is being assembed at Kennedy Space Center in the Operations and Checkout Building. Orion represents NASA's return to Deep Space! Orion's rocket, the Space Launch System, is in development now. In addition, NASA is continually launching space probes, commercial space craft and military space craft. Find out what launch is next at Kennedy Space Center at